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As I sit here, with baby on my boob, laptop perched on my knees, and the big boy napping restlessly, while he has one hand on my tummy, I thought to myself, now is the perfect moment for a blog entry!

When I was single I used to write notes on Facebook (Yes, I am dating myself here) for my friends to listen to my rants and have a laugh at my expense.  Now that I’ve been married and popped out some children, I realized that I’ve reserved my ranting and raving for my closest friends.  In doing so, I feel as though I am depriving the world of all the hilarity that ensues on a daily basis in my home.

Don’t get my wrong, my home is by far happy go lucky at all times, in fact my husband and I are a work in progress. I say this in the best possible way, because after having children we have had to make adjustments to our lives and rightfully so. Look my belief is that if you say you are perfect as a couple chances are, you aren’t. I want to always progress and go forth in life, and I want my marriage to do the same.  God, I couldn’t even imagine being the same person I was when I didn’t have children. I was such a judgy, entitled, and quite a bit of a snarky wench!

Anyway, yesterday while I was watching “The Social” which is a Canadian version of the view, but better! (minus Whoopi Goldberg, damn if she could be the 5th chair on the Social I’d be a happy camper) but I digress…I was watching “The Social” and the ladies were talking about habits that annoy them the most about their spouses.  Each of the ladies, had just one gripe of their husbands’ most irritating quality, but just my luck, I hit the jackpot, because my lovely hubby had every single one of those qualities! Woot woot, Lucky Me! The list was pretty funny, from leaving the toilet seat up, to leaving a trail of open drawers, cupboards, crumbs behind while doing something, as if he is Hansel, and has to find his way back to the front door in case he gets lost in the house! STEUPSE (for those that don’t know what STEUPSE means it is the sound of kissing your teeth, basically so that I don’t curse someone out in public).

I learned something from watching that show, my husband and I aren’t the only ones that go through this! Whaat?!? that made me feel great! All my life I grew up around people that didn’t have the best marriages, in fact my parents divorced when I was barely in 4th grade. For those of you that know anything about the Indian Community in the 80s, this was pretty much unheard of, to this day, I have yet to meet someone who went through this in the 80s, that is Indian. Don’t get me wrong there were so many Aunts and Uncles that should have gotten divorced but stayed together for the sake of their children. Looking at their kids and looking at me now, I honestly cannot tell you who was better off. I know that I have quite a few emotional scars because of it, but I also know that my scars that you can and cannot see are a part of me.  I wear them happily now, but I am well into my 30s so it did take me quite a bit of time.

When I realized that I could learn something from these lovely women sharing their marriage qualms, and talking to my girlfriends I figured hell, why not start a place where women can share these ideas with each other? I mean can I really be the only one that feels as though their husband is their teenage son at times? Sometimes I feel as though I’m dealing with a bloody Duffer, picking up socks, clothes, and dishes for the love of God, why must we tell you where the dishes go?!? Huh, didn’t you go pick up the bloody plate from where it belongs in the first effing place?!? Pfft…sorry I went off there didn’t I?

What does your significant other do that drives you bonkers? I’d really like to know? Somebody, Anybody, come on don’t leave me hanging, and if you are a man reading this feel free to tell me if your wife does something to annoy you…like asking if you if an outfit makes her look fat, or the best one that I’ve ever heard from one of my male friends was when he said his wife asked if a pair of shoes made her look fat, not her feet, but made her look fat! Oh man, I died when I heard that one!

Also be forewarned that if you don’t know that all of this ranting and raving is done in jest, that I suggest you not comment or read any future posts. This is my outlet, for me to take a comical look at my life and then share, in a way this is my therapy, I get to write and joke, while reflecting internally about my day to day activities.





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  1. I Love This:
    “My most important skill since becoming a mother is being able to see both sides of things. I want so badly to raise a generation of boys that are different from the last, because I want this I strive to always listen to my boys and explain to them why gender stereotypes are wrong, why prejudice is wrong, why racism is wrong, why women are equal to men and so much more. I feel like this is my greatest skill, and it allows me to be open to the ideas of others but still be objective. I want my boys to express themselves freely, and when they are wrong I will correct them and tell them why. Hopefully they will in turn put that same behaviour that I model for them, into the world and make it a better place.”

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