Making flubber on a gloom and doom day!



Mommy has a headache, and has tons and tons of laundry to do, because dear old Daddy left his clothes in the dryer all of last week and out of sheer stubbornness, Mommy refused to remove said clothes from dryer…now there are two weeks worth of laundry, on top of 4 days of vacation laundry piled up…and it really sucks because I’m on my last pair of undies.

So while I clean house, with this massive headache, I’ve decided to make this for my big boy to play with while I am running around the house. It is great because he shows his little brother everything that he is doing, so it should entertain the small one too! Kill three birds with one stone! I’ll take that and go!

Metamucil Flubber! – Seriously is there a brown person out there that doesn’t have Metamucil in their pantry?!? Apparently it pays to be a little constipated!

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