Ain’t this some dumb ish


I’m attempting to stay within the boundaries of stupidities laid out in this article I just read. This relates directly to my “Religitards” post.

So a Saudi cleric has stated that it is Haram to build a snowman with your children because it “promotes lustiness and eroticism” are you bloody joking me?!

I cannot believe this, my Husband’s family is Muslim, I even considered myself to be at one point in my life. It is only after having children and seeing such stupidity and nonsense promoted in the name of God that I have decided to just be the best person possible in my life following the morals and values that I have gotten from my parents and grandparents and friends and family. I won’t disrespect anyone, and teach that to my children.

But this, this just goes too far. I mean I guess “Do you want to build a snowman?” From Frozen could be a protest song in Saudi Arabia!

Here is my Olaf and my protest to so Eff this dumb fool, promoting idiocy based on such a loose interpretation of an Islamic belief that one must not build idols nor idol worship.




The last one is what happens to frozen things in summer!

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