Stay at Home Mother’s schedule


I’m writing this for my husband along with others that really wonder what I do.

12am – nurse baby for long stretch
Very rarely will I sleep between 12-6 usually one or both kids wake up and are crying about something. My 4 year old is going through night terrors and growing pains and my little one is teething.

6am- nurse teething baby again

8am- entertaining baby while the older one gets 20 more mins of sleep

823: older one gets up, usually very grumpy, he’s not a morning person

830-9- clean up after my husband from his morning routine and put baby in his chair to do his poop.

9-930- make breakfast for kids from scratch change baby and get them fed by 10, also attempt to have one coffee, and go pee myself.

10-1115- wash my face brush my teeth, change a diaper, get kids dressed, make lunch, clean dishes, get them dressed in winter gear and pack bag and get them in the car. It is winter here so it is about -10 here so I have to pack the car after I get them dressed and with one hand throw everything in, put the baby in the car, then the older one and strap them into car seats, turn the alarm on, turn on their music, check the mail, drop my older son to school. I know that is a crazzzzzy run on sentence, but as soon as I park at school, the days when it is minus 15, I then have to unstrap both kids and take them both out to drop my older son to school, because I can’t leave the car running and leave my baby in their.
Someday my mom will meet me at the school to wait in the car with the baby.

1130-245- come home,feed baby, put baby down for a nap(if he isn’t super clingy. Then start cleaning, organizing, laundry folding, upkeep of the house(this can include hanging a picture,fixing something that broke) begin dinner,feed baby again, teach baby things (think, “where’s your nose?” Or say Bhai-ya (brother in Hindi)). Then pack him up and back to school to pick up Bhai-ya, then take him out of the car to get the older brother, one handed! Bring both kids with knapsack back to the car in minus 15 degrees and ice outside, pack them both into the car, one handed, and Finally they are in!

3-330-345-4- TRAFFIC!
4 finally home

4-6make dinner, entertaining, cooking dinner, putting baby down for a cat nap, after having a snack and a bottle.

6-730-8- eat dinner, with the Slowest eater in the world, my love, my darling 4 year old, most of his food ends up on the floor in the form of little rolled up balls of crumbs, I can’t stand this! He always wants to eat everything with his hands and it kills me a little every time he does it.

8-845- bath time when Papa gives him a bath. If I am alone and am doing it things would end here, the kids would be washed and sleeping by 845 at the latest, my husband is the SLOWEST MOVING HUMAn being in the WORLD!

845-10 watch some shows and clean up, and have some chai, plan tomorrow’s dinner. Workout if I have the energy, while my husband has been asleep and is still sleeping with the kids.

10pm- baby wakes up for night time snack and bottle. The end time for this is closing down because now I am trying so hard to get him back down at

1030 or 11 so that he doesn’t need to nurse anymore, but regardless he still gets up at 12am to be nurses and I have to put him back down without being nursed.

Anyway this may sound like a crazy schedule and it may see like I forgot food, usually I only have time for coffee and snacks until dinner, it is terrible but true, when I do eat it is all pretty much healthy with snacks.

Also by no means am I complaining this is MY job and I wouldn’t trade it, I embrace it, I’m just run down a bit and tired, but I’m especially tired of dumb fucks who think I sit on my butt all day a la Peg Bundy eating bon-bons all day.


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