IKEA hack sandbox


My older son loves sand, but when he plays with it it drives me crazy so I looked for a sandbox, but they were expensive and ugly, seriously who wants that? This sandbox is cheap and pretty!

So I found an ikea hack for it online and I couldn’t be happier with the results. 1 Komplement drawer, 1 Lack table, some hard as nails glue and spray paint to match the drawer.

The drawer took forever to put together, mostly because of the basically cardboard backing, so I put the adhesive in every nook and cranny to seal the sandbox. You just assemble the table and drawer and put a whole whack load of glue on the bottom of the drawer and position it over top. Also I purposefully chose a drawer that was smaller than the table so that if he was finger painting or doing another activity he would have a ledge to rest stuff on.

Side note I didn’t spray paint the glue over yet because I haven’t had the chance, it is like -15c here most days.

The first picture is the front of the box, the other is from the side that will face a wall!



The key to keeping things clean and interesting I’m noticing is having multiple containers to have different sand and sensory toys. I have coloured rice in one box, kinetic sand, and sandsalive!

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