Psoriasis, head bumps, and styes, oh my!


It has been a while, but wow it has been insane on my end. With this level of Crazy in my home I have learned a few things. This is my healthcare post, you are wondering about the title.

For as long as I could remember I have been dealing with what I thought was execma, when until recently my doctor discovered that it was indeed psoriasis. The reason why I’m writing this post is that no matter what doctor or pharmacist I went to for so long, they would whisper that this medication or that medication was for “fungal” overgrowth, and they would whisper it under their breath as if it was something to be ashamed of. 

This annoyed the crap out of me! I knew it wasn’t a fungal overgrowth or whatever else, no matter it was something I had been dealing with for years and I’ve seen so many doctors and all the meds and special shampoos didn’t work. People thought I had really bad dandruff. And of course like any other mother, I just didn’t have time to deal with this, so I put my needs on the back burner, that is until my hair began to fall out in clumps at all the spots where the psoriasis was severe. My beautiful hair! I was crying and becoming more stressed which was making matters worse. Finally I just went to my doctors office and begged so see anyone and it happened that my regular doctor was away and I saw his on call. He told me to relax and then basically gave me my miracle cure! My psoriasis looked almost exactly like this when it got to the point where I was desperate.

It really was so simple, I hated myself for not figuring it out for myself. He said ok look for the next week, your is going to look and feel disgusting, but this will work. Considering my hair was freshly coloured the day before I was almost going to get put it off for the sake of vanity but then I told myself I was crazy! He told m I had to rub Vaseline into my scalp as soon as I got home, and then apply the prescription medication called dovabet gel. So I did the Vaseline, and googled dirty hair styles, slicked my hair back into a high ponytail got my prescription in and let me tell you from the first use all of it was almost gone. I kept at it for a week, and kept doing cool braids and buns in my hair. This stuff works! As a bonus I also used my UV nail LED lamp as a at home way of having UV LIGHT therapy which is also suggested for Psoriasis treatment. And no one noticed that I had medicine in my hair, in fact people complemented me on my cool buns, braids and ponytails! Winning!

The other thing that has been driving me crazy has been my little one, who is becoming more defiant day by day, and is showing me that he must be part monkey! He has taken to climbing EVERYTHING! He even has figured out how to take my step stool from the kitchen over to whatever piece of furniture he wants to climb, place the steps tool down and then proceed to give me a heart attack multiple times a day! In learning this new behaviour he has toppled over many times, but of course only hurt himself when his father is watching him (or should I say in the same vacinity as him but on his phone). He is slow to stop him, and the baby just doesn’t care if Papa tells him to stop, because Papa is his Boy! Anyway, so both times he bumped his head I’ve been sure to rub a silver spoon on the spot where he bumped it to avoid a bump, and both times it worked! I alternated with the spoon and an ice pack while I played “let it go” and “happy” on the Xbox and in 20 mins he was back to normal, he also seemed to really like my massaging of the bumps with the spoon, like he would smile as if I was scratching an itch he couldn’t reach!

Then my older son, my little big man and his unhygienic ways at school. A few weeks ago he spilled all the soap at school on his shirt and was so embarrassed that he had to wear his change of clothes shirt that we are required to send to school with him, that he just stopped using soap at school. He came home with the most giant stye that I have ever seen. It was sooooooooo gross, I must have placed at least 10 warm compresses and they got bigger. Then I tired something I read online….I put a tea bag on his eye (after I made my cup to drink) twice before he went to bed and after the first time it was down to a quarter of the size! By morning it was gone! Thank God!

Here is a before and after picture

Anyway I will attempt to write sooner next time, but it probably won’t happen as the next few weeks will most likely be just as busy. 

Peace see you later!

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  1. I’m glad your doctor was able to recommend something for the psoriasis.
    I think I may have had a mild version of it and have been using a solid bar shampoo from Lush that seems to be working for now.
    Your boys definitely keep you busy 🙂


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