Eggplant Pizza


First of all I have always despised eggplant, which is insane according to every Indian person I’ve met. I get that it is a big staple of some favourite staples dishes for basically every Indian I know, but me, I’ve always swallowed it without tasting it (so I didn’t insult my mom or an Aunty) but this week I have been trying to cleanse myself of added carbs, just as a challenge, so while I made my kiddos their pizza on a mini Naan, I made mine on thick slices of eggplant! 

I’m in love! 

I put a little left over tomato sauce on the egg plant, sprinkled some herbs, salt and pepper, then sprinkled cheese, prosciutto, sirloin slices (the package kind) and mushrooms and baked it at 350 for about 10-15 mins, it depends on your oven, but until the kids pizzas were crispy and the eggplant was soft.

Man did it ever smell good baking and holy crap it tasted better than it smelled. I apologize I didn’t take pretty pictures I was too hungry, as I am sick with a fever!

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