Cultural Appropriation on TV


I just wasted a few hours of my life watching the Full House Reboot on Netflix, called Fuller House. The series was sickly cutesy sweet, which I expected, and it was great for fans until the stupid uneccessary episode where they throw an Indian themed retirement party…Fuck! Why!?

You might say I’m crying cultural appropriation and being too sensitive, I’m not! I’m an actual fan of the original and would have been okay to like this as a family show if not for these problems:

“Swami Tommy” the baby wearing a full grown man’s turban, with women’s jewelry hanging off of it, then being asked if he got it from Turban outfitters

“The sacred cow” eating the curry and causing cowmageddon. Seriously you make a joke about Indian food giving you the shits?! Seriously in 2016? Just an FYI all living being are considered sacred in Hinduism. 

Then my girl Stephanie wearing bridal face jewels in the shape of a bloody unibrow, with a bindhi slapped on top of it, because they didn’t have a clue. You mean to tell me that this show is taped where there is no Wi-Fi, no one could have asked Siri or bloody Google how to apply Indian Bridal make up, so she didn’t look like an idiot cartoon character?! 

Here is what a quick Google search revealed for me  

Here see here is a white girl wearing said jewelry correctly  

I guess wth the cultural appropriation being called out regularly it is so normal for it to happen that I actually read a comment by someone on line that said: “I’m an Indian man and I didn’t find anything offensive by the Indian retirement party.” To him I say you my friend are too used to people making fun of your culture to your face and tell you it’s okay! Or to calm down its just for fun. 

But it’s not fun, when I have to tell my young son, that the people who wrote the episode are insensitive idiots, who want to make a mockery of our culture, fashion and beliefs just for cheesey jokes or ratings. How Rude! 

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