Monthly Archives: September 2016

Dear Victoria Secret


Dear Victoria Secret, 

Please stop making bras for men. I as a grown woman can understand that you may make some bras for me to make us look like their fantasy, but those should be the exception to the rule. Start making Bras for women! 

I’m so sick and tired of going into Victoria secret to buy a bra, taking like 10-12 back to the fitting room only to have 2 bras look like they were made for me as a woman, who wants support and an undergarment that fits in all the right places. The rest separate my boobs to rhe point that they go passed the width of my chest and look like they are pointing in different direction, kinda like googly eyes.

My boobs shouldn’t be equi-distance apart like my eyes, so that there is enough space to fit another boob between them. I am not some freak three boobed creature from total recall! 

Also if you are a three breasted woman, I apologize for offending you!