Going Grey


Almost 20 years ago after my father’s funeral I noticed my first grey hair, that came in a patch of 7, right in the front of my head! For someone whose mother was anti-makeup and cosmetics for young girls this grey streak was a God send. It opened the flood gates to her allowing me to dye my hair, and literally I have been dying my hair ever since every colour of the rainbow!

For the last 7 years I’ve wanted to have pastel purple hair, but the fear of bleaching has stopped me. I do LOVE my hair so bleaching it to a platinum blonde just to dye it purple seemed ridiculous to me since my hair was already grey at the roots. Recently a chunk of my hair fried due to sun damage and I had to cut my lovely long locks to a little longer than shoulder length hair which is so odd from my usual bum length! 

After 8 months without colouring my roots I’m actually quite impressed with my reverse ombré purple grey job! I feel like as much as I’ve searched high and low I’ve only been able to find women my age growing out their grey hair with dark brown or blonde hair. I just want to offer this up to anyone who wants to do it differently, because I know I sure did.
I didn’t do this for attention, but the more I grow it out the people compliment me on how much they love it and how different it is. Younger women at first don’t believe me when I tell them it’s my natural grey, which I find cute 😊

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