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Morning Shake


I have finally found my morning shake bliss! 

Let me say that I hate having shakes so I started experimenting, because my morning coffee and I needed to break up. It was getting sweeter and creamier by the day and just killing me calorie, sugar and Fat wise. 

I came up with something that instantly brought me back to my Mom’s Indian style Cold coffee, that she would make with ice cream!

I made this using sun warrior vanilla protein powder (one scoop) two shots of HOT instant espresso, one cup almond milk, and one spoon pure maple syrup, blended with ice (I poured the hot espresso rover the ice out of fear that the ninja might explode) 
I SHIT you not, this thing tastes like my Mom’s Indian style ice coffee that she makes with ice cream!!!


5 ways to stop being a Judgy Mom


1. Don’t give unsolicited advice. Unless you are asked for help specifically about a topic keep your opinion to yourself.

2. When a Mother is out without her child, don’t ask where the child is. She probably has enough Mom guilt and if not she needs a break and doesn’t need to be reminded of her baby

3. Unless you have something nice to say like “here let me hold the baby for a minute so you can sit” or “wow you look amazing” something along those lines chances are you are gonna say something bitchy like “oh wow your house looks like a hot mess you should call my service” or “you look so tired” No shit Sherlock!

4. This one may sound strange, but people really do this, asking; “What’s wrong with your kid, why does he/she do ___________?” I had someone ask me why my kid doesn’t stop asking questions, or some ignorant crap like that. For a new mom it can be worrying, because lets face it you aren’t REALLY concerned why he’s doing something you are just pointing it out to be a cow, and not the good kind of cow either. I’m talking about those moo faces that chew cuud while giving you side eye. 

5. If you ever feel the need to say “I would NEVER do __________ with my kid, can you believe that?” Unless the blank was some form of child abuse get the pickle out of your bum and understand that every single person in this world is different! If we don’t differ in how we raise our children how will we ever teach them to respect each other’s differences. 

Children learn to be bullies from their parents so if you are acting all high and mighty around your friends and your children, you are setting your kids up for failure in life, let alone the playground!

7 Online Shopping Hacks


I shop for EVERYTHING online. 

Take that in…

Here are my steps:

1. Get a PayPal Account and add your credit card that gets you the most points for shopping. 

2. Get an EBates account. It’s a referral website that pays you quarterly for your online shopping. This month my cheque coming May 1st is 200+ CAD! That is more than I get paid (after taxes for one day of work) 

3. Have an Amazon, Walmart, and account (if in Canada) and set up subscriptions (amazon and well) or Autosave (Walmart) for basics like toilet paper, paper towel, garbage bags, diapers wipes (thank God I don’t need the latter for the kids any more). Every month These sites send you a reminder that you have An order coming up to review. 

So go into your accounts on the site and confirm by comparing them to each other that you have the lowest price and order from the site that is lower, also check for online coupons (usually more on Amazon)

4. Before putting through any purchase online check to see if the retailer is affiliated with ebates. If you find the retailer there, click on their link from ebates to put your order through. 

5. One more step before you put through that purchase google ” (retailer name) promo or coupon code” and try every single code you can find before putting through an order. 

6. This one is more of an individual choice but I LOVE ebay for unique pieces or even etsy. I bought my kids identical light up sneakers for 20 bucks for 2 pair on ebay that their friends at school got from a kiosk in the mall for 40+ IDENTICAL! Because the ones at the kiosk aren’t name brand either just some gimmicky shoe trend that the kiddos are crazy about. I’m supporting an individual in China that isn’t trying to rip me off!

7. If you Live in Canada the best credit cards for points that is free is the PC Elite MasterCard. Hands down. Last year alone on my groceries (which i do in store) made me almost 2000 that I put towards my groceries, you can also save up and buy gift cards at Christmas for people, or even one couple made a mortgage payment with it! 

If you travel the SPG Amex gets the most value for your dollars spent towards hotel stays, but there is a fee. 
I’m not affiliated with any of these companies. I do love shopping with them, and I literally cannot go back to shopping in store anymore, lugging around those giantic boxes and bags from Costco or just parking there any day of the week! I hate it!  

Also if you are worried about fraud online, make sure you always use paypal. I can’t tell you how great they are with disput resolution. So many times I’ve had to deal with shitty sellers that didn’t send me anything at all or even say their tracking says I got it when I clearly didn’t (I have full HD cameras at my home and know all of my couriers). Also during the holiday season tip your couriers, this isn’t necessary but you know they save me from those in store shopping messes, making them some baked goods and a card with cash is my way of saying thank you (also my Nana was a Mailman for years here so I feel obligated to him)
If you like this post please share it, because I really want people to stop looking at me like I’m crazy! I’m literally making thousands of dollars per year on stuff I Have to buy!

In Love with The Shape of Me


Before I had kids, I was between a size 00-3, which is still very strange to me. Anyway, I was probably at my healthiest weight right before I got pregnant mostly because I was working out everyday and gaining muscle mass, I was about 113lbs but still skinny fat. I had that pooch of extra skin around my tummy from my first pre-pubescent weight loss and I still had thighs that touched and I still had my bum!

Since having my kids it has been very hard for me, I developed a massive Seroma after both of my csections, and it would hurt to workout let alone attempt to get my old shape back.

Recently I’ve been around people who are obsessed with weight, and are so self deprecating it hurts me to hear them say the things they say about themselves. Here is the thing about me 40 lbs heavier than I was prior to having kids, and I’m pretty much “in Love with the Shape of me” most of extra 40 is on my hips bum and Boobs (after getting my seromas dealt with surgically). The older I get the more I realize what my body is capable of. 

Did you know I can do 100+ weighted squats a day and I do! Every chance I get. I can run around with my kids, I can keep them on their toes! I don’t know ver get jealous of another woman trying to better herself. I know that for me after having children I realized my body is intolerant of a lot of the food that I was eating. Now I eat and make food for my family that keeps us all healthy and happy and doesn’t have allergens in it for us. Like I crave salad, but by most people’s beauty standards I look like I crave cakes! Ha! 

I was a skinny fat judgy biatch before I had kids, who couldn’t cook to save her life! 

Now I enjoy my food, I savour it, I experiment and I do steroetypically love feeding my children food that they say is yummy or dee-licious. 

In the past 7-8 years I’ve grown so much in mind, body and soul I would NEVER want to go back to that miserable version of myself. My Body has produced 2 beautiful boys, it has scar tissue, scars, stretch marks,  Chubb-Rub on my thighs, muscles, curves, and tattoos for days and I don’t think I would change any of it!

When you start Loving yourself everything else really does fall into place!

Please, stop saying these 6 things before my head explodes!


1. “All of THE sudden” it is actually “All of A Sudden”

2. “Respond Back” or “Reply back” or “return back” you can literally just say RESPOND, REPLY or RETURN! When you add “back” you are being redundant.

3. “Could of” instead it is “Could Have”

4. “Intensive Purposes” it is actually “Intents and Purposes”

5. “Merge together” just like respond, reply and return just say “Merge”

6. “How’s going?” maybe this is just a Canadian thing, but the correct question is “How is it going?”
I’m not saying it to be mean, it just drives me so crazy!!! I want to correct people who say it but then I would really be a jerk so you know I ignore it and then it just keeps happening…it is a vicious cycle of driving me crazy! 
Thanks God I got that off my chest…oh wait that one too! “THANK God” or goodness for my atheists 😊

Racism in Canada


My first racist experience in Canada was when I was in grade 6. This white girl Laura and I used to but classmates, not friends, not acquaintances just in the same class. I was the child of a single mother being bussed to a decent school because of government subsidies. My mom didn’t have much to give me, because she had been exiled from her family for divorcing my dad…so it was her and I. 

One day for some reason Laura and her little clique came up to me in the Cafeteria and grabbed my Pop and said “you owe me this you dumb Paki, for all the stuff you’ve taken from us, go back to your country”

Did I mention I was a fat loner kid at 11? You DON’T take a pop from a fat kid with no friends who only enjoys food. I was shocked at first then said something along the lines of “gimme my pop, you dumb idiot I’m not even a Paki I was born in Canada!” She gave me the finger and began walking away. 

I can say now I know sheer anger rushed through me at that moment. I got up and I’m sure to them it looked like I was walking away, when in fact I was walking around the long rectangular table to get right up behind her (I was too big to hop the table) I went right up behind this girl and grabbed her by the little tight up ponytail on the top of her head and smashed her face into the cafe table, BOOM!

At this point I knew I was in trouble, the whole cafe was staring at me, I lifted her head up realizing I was in so much trouble and asked her for my pop back, and she told me to “fuck off!” 

I was still holding her ponytail so I smashed her face again! BOOM!

Well I broke the girl’s nose….

I’m not proud of it. In fact it still saddens me to tell the story. Now as an adult I know she learned this stuff from her parents, as they proceeded to call my mom and I all kinds of terrible names during the meeting with the principal, making it quite obvious that I wasn’t in the wrong..nor right for that matter…so basically the principal had to call it a draw. She had used racist comments and provoked and stolen from me, I had used unnecessary force, which at the time wasn’t a part of zero tolerance. 

I continued going to school with Laura, I never spoke to her, but I made other friends, but almost 30 years later, she was the first time that someone told me specifically to “go back to my country” as an 11 year old I just didn’t get it! I still don’t get it! Canada is a land of immigrants and NO ONE except Native Canadians have the right to say that. 

Up until yesterday I’ve never seen or heard a Native person say that to someone. As a frequent troller of news comments I finally struck gold! (Also I read the comments but never comment!) 

Behold exhibit A:

She told him! And something inside me jumped for JOY! Maybe it was the 11 year old me that just went crazy! Braaap Braaap!! It was just such a good clapback that I had to share it! 

I think I’m going to start a series on racist experiences. Please if you have ever had one living in Canada comment below! Also I believe in Canada White people are not exempt from racist experiences. I know plenty of Italian, French and Spanish people (to name a few) that were the minority of the decade to hate for a while…and that is why I’m writing this, I want it to be more open. I want others to see the commonalities we have and stop focusing on ththe differences!


A few years later my mom sent me to a charity run summer camp, and by some fluke Laura was in my cabin with me. She was scared of me, we hashed things out and found common ground, her parents had animosity and she was around that growing up. We never became friends but hey some common ground made us human to each other. 

I’m a Westerner with Desi Roots


I got into a bit of an online argument the other day with someone about whitewashing in Hollywood. It was a very amicable argument, we agreed on most points but agreed to disagree on others. He said something to me though that if Hollywood wants to remake a Japanese movie, why not change characters to suit western audiences….

This bothers me a lot!

I’m not bothered about changing original interpretations to suit modern audiences. In fact I think Hollywood studios should look to Disney and how they are modernizing their cartoons to real life and doing it with more kickass heroines and more diverse characters. I’m so super duper bothered that this guys I was arguing with doesn’t realize that I’m a Westerner, and so are so many of my South Asian, East Asian friends! 

Look I get that people may have a typical idea of what a Westerner looks like but it isn’t just white people anymore who are a part of our landscape. This is the problem with token diversity. Throwing in a brown guy in a sitcom or a black woman shows that there can only be one ethnic person in an entire show is not an actual representation of what the makeup of Canada is or North America for that matter. 

A list of some shows with one taken coloured character: 

The Big Bang Theory

Full house and fuller house 


The Mick

The Middle

The goldbergs

Saving Hope


The Simpsons 

Parks and Rec (there were two here so you know that’s a plus) 

There are really just too many to count so I will stop there. 

The problem with these token Characters is that usually they are some kind of Joke or comedic relief or or wait the best is when they are the terrorists let’s not forget when Brown people are cast as terrorist or even sometimes you get the kill two birds with one stone and get a terrorist who is a Black guy!

That bothers me immensely that we are represented like this to the world. But there is something that usually goes hand in hand with whitewashing in cinema or TV, and that is the “white saviour” storyline. 

We saw it with Ghost in the shell, the Great Wall, Dr. strange, and too many other movies. The problem with the white saviour storyline is that for the most part White people do not understand why this makes people of different ethnicities or races upset. The simple truth is that colonizers, whether they were British, Portuguese, Dutch or Italian, we all over the world telling people of colour that they were savages and that they as White people were there to save us from our disgusting way of life. They raped our people, our land and then claimed we were part of their empires. When we went knocking at their front doors, educated in their ways and cleaned up for show, we still were only good enough to be cab drivers and hurry curry resturant owners. 

Oh my God and since we are talking about the White Saviour crap, can you believe that Pepsi commercial? And the Nivea’s “White is Purity” campaign?! See this proves my point. White people have seen themselves also as saviours to us lowlife savages. You mean to tell me those fools in the boardroom at Nivea don’t know that their major client base are coloured people? My best friends growing up were black and Nivea went on our entire body face to toe after every shower, on my skin on hers. Really and Kendal Jenner being the Saviour to the coloured people protesting?!? Really?! Someone fired EVERY single person involved in the making of that commercial!

That sums it up, obviously there are deep seeded issues and stuff that goes way back. But here’s the thing. When my Grandfather was Born he was Born a British Citizen, and the same for my father. So really me being first Generation Canadian, if you look at my pedigree so to say, I’m actually 3rd Generation Westerner, and my sons are 4th Generation. 

With all of that said, the white Saviour shit needs to stop, as does the whitewashing of Hollywood Movies. If you cast Shahrukh Khan and Donnie Yen in a cop Buddy flick it would open screens world bloody wide!

I’m a Brown skinned Indian descendant Canadian born with British parents and Grandparents, I’m double degree educated and I’m covered in Tattoos and piercings and as Western as any other person born and Raised in Canada! 

I’m a Westerner so start waking up and changing your thinking!