In Love with The Shape of Me


Before I had kids, I was between a size 00-3, which is still very strange to me. Anyway, I was probably at my healthiest weight right before I got pregnant mostly because I was working out everyday and gaining muscle mass, I was about 113lbs but still skinny fat. I had that pooch of extra skin around my tummy from my first pre-pubescent weight loss and I still had thighs that touched and I still had my bum!

Since having my kids it has been very hard for me, I developed a massive Seroma after both of my csections, and it would hurt to workout let alone attempt to get my old shape back.

Recently I’ve been around people who are obsessed with weight, and are so self deprecating it hurts me to hear them say the things they say about themselves. Here is the thing about me 40 lbs heavier than I was prior to having kids, and I’m pretty much “in Love with the Shape of me” most of extra 40 is on my hips bum and Boobs (after getting my seromas dealt with surgically). The older I get the more I realize what my body is capable of. 

Did you know I can do 100+ weighted squats a day and I do! Every chance I get. I can run around with my kids, I can keep them on their toes! I don’t know ver get jealous of another woman trying to better herself. I know that for me after having children I realized my body is intolerant of a lot of the food that I was eating. Now I eat and make food for my family that keeps us all healthy and happy and doesn’t have allergens in it for us. Like I crave salad, but by most people’s beauty standards I look like I crave cakes! Ha! 

I was a skinny fat judgy biatch before I had kids, who couldn’t cook to save her life! 

Now I enjoy my food, I savour it, I experiment and I do steroetypically love feeding my children food that they say is yummy or dee-licious. 

In the past 7-8 years I’ve grown so much in mind, body and soul I would NEVER want to go back to that miserable version of myself. My Body has produced 2 beautiful boys, it has scar tissue, scars, stretch marks,  Chubb-Rub on my thighs, muscles, curves, and tattoos for days and I don’t think I would change any of it!

When you start Loving yourself everything else really does fall into place!

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  1. So true! I appreciate my body so much more after I had kids. I’m also a lot more motivated to exercise now whereas before I took my body for granted bc of my slim build and didn’t always eat right or exercise. You look great!

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    • Thank you Mona! And yup totally took my body for granted, but don’t we all do that at some point? Like I feel like you have to do that you appreciate yourself more at this point! Exercising is such a good stress relief too for those day when you feel like climbing the walls to escape the children…oh wait that could just be me 😂


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