Landscaping challenge 


I live next door to a very wooded area, and they have rightfully banned neonicotinoids to save our bees so what did that leave me with; a huge plot of grass that was covered, COVERED in weeds. Not just the plain old dandelions but like giant creeping Charlie’s and these thorny cabbage looking weeds that grew like a few feet wide and tall!

Those pictures up there are the before pictures. 
Now please understand that I wanted to do something different that I would only have to maintain every so often. I didn’t want to have to water it and waste more water by replacing all the sod that was useless at this point. So I created this crazy idea in my head thanks to various Pinterest boards. Here my friends after weeks and weeks of work, and helping hands from friends and a wonderfully smart, and handy neighbourhood kid whom I hired along with his crew of friends, here I present to you the process pictures and the finished product.

All the landscaping fabric payed and nailed into the dirt.

In the brown dirt patch I’ve sowed creeping thyme seeds fingers crossed they grow!

I am proof that when you think outside the box, things can be beautiful! 

Also a big thank you, thank you to EVERYONE at Rock Valley in Vaughan (for all the top soil, mulch, gravel and all the great people who work there and are encouraging) and Terra for all the plants and their helpful staff also!


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