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One Pot Tuna Pasta in 30 mins


So it was 4pm the other day and I haven’t taken any protein out of my freezer and for some reason the day got away from me and my kid was like I want dinner ( he burned off a lot of energy at school that day) so I did my best pantry meal!

3 cans of tuna (I used flaked packed in water) 

1 bottle of PC Marinara sauce (this sauce is very good,I use homemade when I can)

1box of pasta (I used alphabet pasta, which the kids LOVE, I guess there is something about eating your words lol)

1 bag of frozen peas 

1 chunk of frozen spinach

Garlic powder, onion powder, turmeric and sea salt and red chilli flakes for taste (I don’t measure these I throw it in and then taste) 

Step 1:

cook pasta and drain and set aside, simple enough right? 7-8 mins

Step 2:

In the same pot, quickly sauté Tuna, just a bit, then add peas, spinach, seasonings and tomato sauce, 3/4 of one extra jar of water, stir and  boil on medium to high (covered to avoid splashing on your black splash) for 10-20 mins stirring regularly and you are done as soon as the sauce is as think as you would like it. 

Step 3:

Serve sauce over pasta and done! Oh and if you are on a low carb diet I ate mine with Shirataki noodles which are zero calories and zero carbs (you have to rinse these in cold water and then sauté them with the sauce for about 5 mins and they taste even better the next day when they have been soaking in the sauce over night) 

These ones above are the shirataki noodles I use!

Purple Cabbage with mushrooms and chicken 


There is really something mesmerizing about cooking purple cabbage! It just changes colour it’s like looking directly into a lava lamp! 

Anyway I made this beauty of a dish (over ramen) for the kids and just plain for me and the hubby! 

It was so easy!

Half a purple cabbage chopped with 4 chicken breasts also chopped. 

I sautéed the mushrooms in one pan with garlic sesame oil and then added 1/4 cup soy sauce and seasonings.

In my wok I sautéed my cabbage in sesame oil (two turns), 1/4 balsamic, 1/4 naturally brewed soy sauce, a few shakes of onion powder, garlic powder and salt (all to taste) and kept turning it with tongs until it cooked. 

Then mixed it all together! 

I don’t miss the carbs with this dish at all!

Morning Shake


I have finally found my morning shake bliss! 

Let me say that I hate having shakes so I started experimenting, because my morning coffee and I needed to break up. It was getting sweeter and creamier by the day and just killing me calorie, sugar and Fat wise. 

I came up with something that instantly brought me back to my Mom’s Indian style Cold coffee, that she would make with ice cream!

I made this using sun warrior vanilla protein powder (one scoop) two shots of HOT instant espresso, one cup almond milk, and one spoon pure maple syrup, blended with ice (I poured the hot espresso rover the ice out of fear that the ninja might explode) 
I SHIT you not, this thing tastes like my Mom’s Indian style ice coffee that she makes with ice cream!!!

All the colours of the Rainbow


I’m having so much fun tinting my hair different colours, last week it was green then I picked up some manic panic and dyed/tinted it a Blue Jays Blue, that washed out and then I went purple…but something just wasn’t right, I still had all these little teeny, tiny pieces of dead hair from the last time I dyed it which was eons ago…so I said Eff it I’m cutting it out!  In all fairness it’s a beautiful day out here in Toronto, spring sorta crisp air and I’ve been trapped inside with a post tonsillectomy little man so you know I was going stir crazy, I’m sure my hairdresser is gonna kill me when she sees me, I’m am certain she will at the very least scold me, but like I said I needed to do it! Now my hair is all my natural gray growth, you can see in the pictures it adds like a natural highlight. 

The purple colour is from my hairdresser, it’s the Revlon colour bomb conditioner, it refreshes all funky colours I mixed 200 and 500 which is basically a purple and a red purple. I left it in allllllll day!

In case you haven’t yet realized it but I’m so happy I’m growing out my gray hair!!!! My hair isn’t crispy crunchy anymore 😍

Lemon & dill Shrimp Quinoa


This turned out fabulous and it is a one pan meal. 


1/2 stick of butter

1 bag of frozen, peeled and deveined shrimp (about 30-40)

2 cups of quinoa

3 cloves of minced garlic

2 tablespoons of dill paste (you can use fresh too)

The juice of 2 lemons

4 chopped up yellow zucchini 

1 chopped orange pepper

In one large pan sautée shrimp, garlic, butter and dill until shrimp is pink. 

Throw in all the veggies sautée for 2 more minutes

Throw in the quinoa, add two cups of water, bring to a boil, then simmer for 11 mins or until quinoa is cooked and no longer hard, toss in the lemon juice and stir and serve!
A lot of throwing shit in and it’s totally worth it!!

Pressure cooker Turkey black bean chilli


I did a happy dance, when I tasted this! 


1.2 lbs of lean ground turkey

Two cups of soaked black beans (15 mins was sufficient)

One cup of tomato sauce

Two and a half cups of vegetable stock or whatever stock you have

Two cups mushrooms

Half a red onion

Three tbsps of minced garlic

1 teaspoon of sea salt

Rosemary two sprigs

Black pepper and white pepper 1 tsp each

Optional: fat free plain Greek yogurt and shredded cheese for topping


Sauté onions, garlic, mushrooms, and all spices, and Turkey in a hot pressure cooker on sauté until everything is browned and aromatic! 

Then once everything is browned which is about ten mins, then add stock, Rosemary, black beans and tomato sauce, and seal the pressure cooker and cook for 25 mins.

Top with a spoon of Greek yogurt, cayenne pepper and shredded cheese and enjoy!!!


I put the chilli on top of plain macaroni for the kids and they loved it! 


Powder room Pop Culture Postcard wall


Have you ever wondered how to display your postcards? If you are anything like me, you have a stack of them from all your travels and those of your friends. I decided to display mine, because I was just so heartbroken that they were sitting in a trunk, collecting dust. 

So I started out by placing all the cards in my collection in the middle of my wall, then I bought a bunch of packs on line of various pop culture posters in card sizes. This is my masterpiece! 

(Please keep in mind that my powder room is small so I actually couldn’t get the whole thing in one shot, and I have to wait for my husband to help me put the last row up, near the ceiling as I am just too short!)
Also all the cards surrounding the window are vintage and modern Bollywood posters! How cool! I’m in love!