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Buddha Bowls Anyone?


I made a wonderful bow for dinner tonight inspired by my need to have Asian flavours but not the added salt and sugar. The base of the dish is your choice of grain, I’ve used brown rice in the picture but sometimes I’ve also used quinoa, and even egg noodles, and if you keep the leftovers separate you can roll up the meat filling with salad or avocado and roll it up in a rice paper wrap! Super versatile. Also if you like the mix of hot and cold and various textures then this is an easy weeknight dish.

I’ve mixed 1/4 of a cup naturally brewed soy sauce, with ground meat of your choosing, half of a chopped purple cabbage, a few shakes of onion powder, garlic salt to taste, 2 tbsps of minced garlic, and 2 tbsps of sesame oil and two cups of water.

Now the next step you can do in your instant pot if you set it to chilli, it will turn out quite nice. I prefer to put this all in a big pan that has some depth to it, and slowly simmer it on medium to low heat watching while the sauce reduces to maybe half, which is about 20-30 mins. I pour all of this over quinoa, and serve with chopped cucumbers, and slices of avocado.

If you are feeling extra lazy like I do a lot of the time, you can throw the quinoa into the same pot and add one more cup of water and cover and simmer the same way (after the meat is fully cooked)

All the colours of the Rainbow


I’m having so much fun tinting my hair different colours, last week it was green then I picked up some manic panic and dyed/tinted it a Blue Jays Blue, that washed out and then I went purple…but something just wasn’t right, I still had all these little teeny, tiny pieces of dead hair from the last time I dyed it which was eons ago…so I said Eff it I’m cutting it out!  In all fairness it’s a beautiful day out here in Toronto, spring sorta crisp air and I’ve been trapped inside with a post tonsillectomy little man so you know I was going stir crazy, I’m sure my hairdresser is gonna kill me when she sees me, I’m am certain she will at the very least scold me, but like I said I needed to do it! Now my hair is all my natural gray growth, you can see in the pictures it adds like a natural highlight. 

The purple colour is from my hairdresser, it’s the Revlon colour bomb conditioner, it refreshes all funky colours I mixed 200 and 500 which is basically a purple and a red purple. I left it in allllllll day!

In case you haven’t yet realized it but I’m so happy I’m growing out my gray hair!!!! My hair isn’t crispy crunchy anymore 😍

Growing out the Grey with a touch of Green!


If ever you have attempted to dye grey hair, literally it is next to impossible! So I decided because I wanted a change from my grey to purple, so I stained my hair with Atomic Turquoise hair colour from Manic Panic! It turned out fantastic ! 
I mixed half of the bottle of manic panic with one part conditioner (has to be white) then painted it on to my grey roots just like you would when colouring your roots. BE CAREFUL THIS STUFF STAINS SO OF YOU SPILL WIPE IT UP RIGHT AWAY!
I left it in for the entire day from like 10 am until 2pm while I went about my day then I just rinsed it out, no shampoo.

This first picture is two weeks of washing later, so it will be temporary!

Dark undereye circles be Gone!


I have always had huge dark circles under my eyes, even when or if I get 13 hours of sleep and let’s be honest that hasn’t happened since I was a lazy teenager! 

I went to my doctors office for a checkup and asked if there was anything that could be done for them. Like I have huge dark circles, Huge! As Agent Organge would say! I’ve even considered having surgery, and to be frank that isn’t off the table. My doctor said I was too young for that surgery so he recommended this eye cream to get ride of the dark circles. It is called TEOXANE RH II EYES 
I’ve been using it for a week, and I have noticed a difference already. It’s 120 CAD which is amazing considering you use a drop the tinest drop possible and tap it in like a mini tiny massage for your eyes with the cool metal applicator. It really is refreshing. If you can get your hands on this cream get it and take a before and after picture, because I Didn’t and I regret not being able to show you a make up free before picture!


Psoriasis, head bumps, and styes, oh my!


It has been a while, but wow it has been insane on my end. With this level of Crazy in my home I have learned a few things. This is my healthcare post, you are wondering about the title.

For as long as I could remember I have been dealing with what I thought was execma, when until recently my doctor discovered that it was indeed psoriasis. The reason why I’m writing this post is that no matter what doctor or pharmacist I went to for so long, they would whisper that this medication or that medication was for “fungal” overgrowth, and they would whisper it under their breath as if it was something to be ashamed of. 

This annoyed the crap out of me! I knew it wasn’t a fungal overgrowth or whatever else, no matter it was something I had been dealing with for years and I’ve seen so many doctors and all the meds and special shampoos didn’t work. People thought I had really bad dandruff. And of course like any other mother, I just didn’t have time to deal with this, so I put my needs on the back burner, that is until my hair began to fall out in clumps at all the spots where the psoriasis was severe. My beautiful hair! I was crying and becoming more stressed which was making matters worse. Finally I just went to my doctors office and begged so see anyone and it happened that my regular doctor was away and I saw his on call. He told me to relax and then basically gave me my miracle cure! My psoriasis looked almost exactly like this when it got to the point where I was desperate.

It really was so simple, I hated myself for not figuring it out for myself. He said ok look for the next week, your is going to look and feel disgusting, but this will work. Considering my hair was freshly coloured the day before I was almost going to get put it off for the sake of vanity but then I told myself I was crazy! He told m I had to rub Vaseline into my scalp as soon as I got home, and then apply the prescription medication called dovabet gel. So I did the Vaseline, and googled dirty hair styles, slicked my hair back into a high ponytail got my prescription in and let me tell you from the first use all of it was almost gone. I kept at it for a week, and kept doing cool braids and buns in my hair. This stuff works! As a bonus I also used my UV nail LED lamp as a at home way of having UV LIGHT therapy which is also suggested for Psoriasis treatment. And no one noticed that I had medicine in my hair, in fact people complemented me on my cool buns, braids and ponytails! Winning!

The other thing that has been driving me crazy has been my little one, who is becoming more defiant day by day, and is showing me that he must be part monkey! He has taken to climbing EVERYTHING! He even has figured out how to take my step stool from the kitchen over to whatever piece of furniture he wants to climb, place the steps tool down and then proceed to give me a heart attack multiple times a day! In learning this new behaviour he has toppled over many times, but of course only hurt himself when his father is watching him (or should I say in the same vacinity as him but on his phone). He is slow to stop him, and the baby just doesn’t care if Papa tells him to stop, because Papa is his Boy! Anyway, so both times he bumped his head I’ve been sure to rub a silver spoon on the spot where he bumped it to avoid a bump, and both times it worked! I alternated with the spoon and an ice pack while I played “let it go” and “happy” on the Xbox and in 20 mins he was back to normal, he also seemed to really like my massaging of the bumps with the spoon, like he would smile as if I was scratching an itch he couldn’t reach!

Then my older son, my little big man and his unhygienic ways at school. A few weeks ago he spilled all the soap at school on his shirt and was so embarrassed that he had to wear his change of clothes shirt that we are required to send to school with him, that he just stopped using soap at school. He came home with the most giant stye that I have ever seen. It was sooooooooo gross, I must have placed at least 10 warm compresses and they got bigger. Then I tired something I read online….I put a tea bag on his eye (after I made my cup to drink) twice before he went to bed and after the first time it was down to a quarter of the size! By morning it was gone! Thank God!

Here is a before and after picture

Anyway I will attempt to write sooner next time, but it probably won’t happen as the next few weeks will most likely be just as busy. 

Peace see you later!

The proverbial introduction



As I sit here, with baby on my boob, laptop perched on my knees, and the big boy napping restlessly, while he has one hand on my tummy, I thought to myself, now is the perfect moment for a blog entry!

When I was single I used to write notes on Facebook (Yes, I am dating myself here) for my friends to listen to my rants and have a laugh at my expense.  Now that I’ve been married and popped out some children, I realized that I’ve reserved my ranting and raving for my closest friends.  In doing so, I feel as though I am depriving the world of all the hilarity that ensues on a daily basis in my home.

Don’t get my wrong, my home is by far happy go lucky at all times, in fact my husband and I are a work in progress. I say this in the best possible way, because after having children we have had to make adjustments to our lives and rightfully so. Look my belief is that if you say you are perfect as a couple chances are, you aren’t. I want to always progress and go forth in life, and I want my marriage to do the same.  God, I couldn’t even imagine being the same person I was when I didn’t have children. I was such a judgy, entitled, and quite a bit of a snarky wench!

Anyway, yesterday while I was watching “The Social” which is a Canadian version of the view, but better! (minus Whoopi Goldberg, damn if she could be the 5th chair on the Social I’d be a happy camper) but I digress…I was watching “The Social” and the ladies were talking about habits that annoy them the most about their spouses.  Each of the ladies, had just one gripe of their husbands’ most irritating quality, but just my luck, I hit the jackpot, because my lovely hubby had every single one of those qualities! Woot woot, Lucky Me! The list was pretty funny, from leaving the toilet seat up, to leaving a trail of open drawers, cupboards, crumbs behind while doing something, as if he is Hansel, and has to find his way back to the front door in case he gets lost in the house! STEUPSE (for those that don’t know what STEUPSE means it is the sound of kissing your teeth, basically so that I don’t curse someone out in public).

I learned something from watching that show, my husband and I aren’t the only ones that go through this! Whaat?!? that made me feel great! All my life I grew up around people that didn’t have the best marriages, in fact my parents divorced when I was barely in 4th grade. For those of you that know anything about the Indian Community in the 80s, this was pretty much unheard of, to this day, I have yet to meet someone who went through this in the 80s, that is Indian. Don’t get me wrong there were so many Aunts and Uncles that should have gotten divorced but stayed together for the sake of their children. Looking at their kids and looking at me now, I honestly cannot tell you who was better off. I know that I have quite a few emotional scars because of it, but I also know that my scars that you can and cannot see are a part of me.  I wear them happily now, but I am well into my 30s so it did take me quite a bit of time.

When I realized that I could learn something from these lovely women sharing their marriage qualms, and talking to my girlfriends I figured hell, why not start a place where women can share these ideas with each other? I mean can I really be the only one that feels as though their husband is their teenage son at times? Sometimes I feel as though I’m dealing with a bloody Duffer, picking up socks, clothes, and dishes for the love of God, why must we tell you where the dishes go?!? Huh, didn’t you go pick up the bloody plate from where it belongs in the first effing place?!? Pfft…sorry I went off there didn’t I?

What does your significant other do that drives you bonkers? I’d really like to know? Somebody, Anybody, come on don’t leave me hanging, and if you are a man reading this feel free to tell me if your wife does something to annoy you…like asking if you if an outfit makes her look fat, or the best one that I’ve ever heard from one of my male friends was when he said his wife asked if a pair of shoes made her look fat, not her feet, but made her look fat! Oh man, I died when I heard that one!

Also be forewarned that if you don’t know that all of this ranting and raving is done in jest, that I suggest you not comment or read any future posts. This is my outlet, for me to take a comical look at my life and then share, in a way this is my therapy, I get to write and joke, while reflecting internally about my day to day activities.