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Please, stop saying these 6 things before my head explodes!


1. “All of THE sudden” it is actually “All of A Sudden”

2. “Respond Back” or “Reply back” or “return back” you can literally just say RESPOND, REPLY or RETURN! When you add “back” you are being redundant.

3. “Could of” instead it is “Could Have”

4. “Intensive Purposes” it is actually “Intents and Purposes”

5. “Merge together” just like respond, reply and return just say “Merge”

6. “How’s going?” maybe this is just a Canadian thing, but the correct question is “How is it going?”
I’m not saying it to be mean, it just drives me so crazy!!! I want to correct people who say it but then I would really be a jerk so you know I ignore it and then it just keeps happening…it is a vicious cycle of driving me crazy! 
Thanks God I got that off my chest…oh wait that one too! “THANK God” or goodness for my atheists 😊

“I’m Just Sayin”


This is a public service announcement, to all the men, women and children out there that say “I’m just saying…”

This is an infuriating saying, and the next time you say it in front of me you will get a beatdown, a verbal one, but surely you will get a beatdown.

My problem with this is how it is used. Most people who use it, use it as a verbal crutch, and others use it to emphasize a point that is already obvious, so there is no need to say it at all. It is a totally unnecessary statement, I’m just sayin…urrrgh!