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Hazelwood Home Over Toilet Storage


I purchased this unit from Wayfair.com out of Sheer necessity, due to the fact that I had initially stored extra toilet paper rolls on the floor in a decorative basket. This led my 1 year old to think up a new game of ripping the toilet paper up and shoving into the tube part of the toilet paper roll, kind of like he was feeding each roll its own skin lol


The unit is beautiful once put together, but holy fuck is it very frustrating to put together. It came with one sheet, that was double sided so you had to keep flipping it to check the names of parts or pieces! There wasn’t one word of instructions, nor list of tools you would need, and the piece that anchors around your toilet goes right through the water source, so I drilled an extra hole in that piece and then flipped it up so the original top hole was now the bottom hole and the new hole I drilled was used as the top screw.

It will take about an hour if you have two people doing this, it is soooo flimsy, and you need glue which also is only mentioned in one small picture within the second part of the instructions. Even the pics for the instructions are placed in an up down sequence instead of reading from left to right.

I’m super annoyed that the predrilled holes for the doors make the doors slightly uneven bs haven’t thought of a fix for this yet, mostly because after 4 hours of struggling to put this together and getting so frustrated I ripped it apart and began assembling it right over the toilet. The pegs are lame. It isn’t secure at all! I used metal wall anchors and that baby is now stuck to my wall and isn’t going anywhere! I also glue with silicone every fucking nook and cranny of this unit and I’m a little tempted to even do it to glue the whole unit to the wall just for safety.

Buy a lot of industrial adhesive if you buy this unit, just for the piece of mind if you have children.

I do love the look of it though!

My whole body is sore as hell today feels as bad as boot camp lol so that was a bonus!