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Nut Free, Egg free weekly dinners for the whole family! Keto, Paleo & Gluten friendly


I’ve decided that sharing one recipe at a time can make it difficult to plan for a whole week. So this week, I made 4 different meals, and it is now Saturday and I still have leftovers! Some tweeks can be made to make these follow the Keto or paleo or gluten free diets 

The meals were as follows: 

White fish cooked in lemon butter with couscous and mixed veggies.

This one I pan fried the fish in the juice of one lemon and half a stick of butter, I just dipped them in breadcrumbs (since I don’t use eggs) and made the couscous and veggies in another pot at the same time. I used one package of frozen veggies the carrots and peas mix. Couscous is super easy to make, if you have some tomato sauce laying around it would taste really nice on top of the couscous and veg mix. That’s it, super simple. Follow the directions  on the box for couscous and throw the veggies in at the same time bring to a boil, cover and let sit. 
Chicken thighs with quinoa in a red pepper sauce (one-pot meal).

This I sautéed the chicken thighs in my new non stick pan with butter, turmeric and garlic and minced half a red onion. I puréed three peppers and once the chicken was browned I threw in the puréed peppers and 1 and half cups of quinoa, covered it and simmered it for approximately 15 mins. If the quinoa isn’t soft and fluffy at the end of the 15 then add a cup more water, stir it and cover again for 7 mins. Repeat that as necessary until the quinoa is fluffy! Serve it with cheese for the kiddos and hot sauce or cayenne pepper for the adults!
Vegetarian black bean chilly in lettuce wraps for the adults, and cheddar tortilla wraps for the kids.

There are 4 wraps on this plate and two people ate them lol in case anyone thinks I’m a pig, I am usually but I controlled myself lol

I mean was my masterpiece for the week, made in the instant pot! I soaked a whole bag of black beans or approx 3 and 1/2 cups in a bowl for 30 mins. I sautéed minced garlic, red onion, and mushroom and garlic salt, onion powder, turmeric, and cayenne. Once sautéed I added puréed Roma tomatoes (I’ve also made this with a jar of tomato sauce) and then added frozen organic corn. Covered the instant pot and set to chilli. While that was happening I made two cups of quinoa with vegetable stock! For the adults I served this on top of lettuce sprinkled with pepper, avocado slices then quinoa and the chilli on top sprinkled with cheese and a small bit of Greek yogurt. The kids I did in a cheddar wrap, they ate it and asked for more. We also ate this on leftover day, and today for dinner! Winner, winner, vegetarian dinner!!!

Tex mex style casserole over rice for the kids and without carbs for the adults

This was easy since I had my seasoning made, which consists of garlic powder, onion powder, garlic salt, sea salt, turmeric,  and cayenne pepper. I browned the ground beef in butter and red onions garlic and seasoning. Then threw it in a casserole dish,  threw in chopped Roma tomatoes, package of shredded cheese, and chives I grew and baked it for 30 mins at 350degrees. You could serve it over rice, or even leftover quinoa! 
This really helped me in the week not to be stressed and well fed. In case you didn’t already pick up on this, I use whole fat ingredients for myself and the family. It’s very close to the Keto or Paleo Diet, and I do personally take from them for myself alone, but I don’t make my kids eat super clean. Unfortunately tree nuts and eggs are basically in everything so I am forced to make almost everything from scratch. 

Funny story


I was emptying out my hubby’s clothes from the laundry and pulled out a Long Blonde hair and got so upset, I started throwing all his clothes all over the floor, just tossing it here and there…midway through my hissy fit I realized it was my own long grey hair!!!!

I’m an idiot today! I put the clothes neatly away after that!

Never Say Never


To all you new Mothers & Moms to be, I see you. I see you saying all this judgemental stuff, saying I would Never do this or let my children do that. I have been you. I get it. Let me say this that eating crow was the Hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do!

Don’t judge the mom with one kid, when you have none.

Don’t judge the mom with two kids when you have one.

Don’t judge the mom with three kids until you have three, etc etc because until you have walked a mile in that Woman’s (or Man’s) shoes, you Really and truly have no clue! Like none, really and truly, being a parent is like the Hardest Job in the world, and you have to do it for the most part on little to no sleep, and you are trying to take care of this living, breathing piece of you, that has his/her own ideas and personality that sometimes refuses to be tamed.

Many parents don’t even agree on taming young children so that their true personalities can come through. It’s such a crazy thought to me personally, let me make my child like everyone else so that they are more pleasing to other people. Really? No Thank you!

Why I Love Disney’s Frozen for my Boys!


I have been catching a bit of weirdo looks my way lately for letting my boys obsess over Disney’s Forzen.  First of all all you people who think that this is a princess movie, with the same old lesson, need to actually understand the movie, or better yet, watch it with your full attention. I’m not going to be Rosie O’Donelle and yell at you to watch this great movie (but I’m also not knocking her for doing so, because I can understand why she loves the movie so much!)BUT you really have to understand that this is a great movie for children to obsess over, just like Despicable Me, Up, Toy Story, or whatever.

I love this movie for a few reasons, the first being that it shows girl power. Ya, I know it is cliche, but we have two princesses and neither are saved by a man. In fact one Princess is saved by another Princess, and visa versa. It shows this generation of women that they can do for themselves but to also not be too stubborn, and ask for help where and when it is needed. In the case of Anna, she has Christoph, Sven, and Olaf (he is my favourite character, right up there with the Minions for all time!) helping her along the way, but not, I repeat NOT BEING HER SAVIOURS! She shows that she has a pure heart and can sacrifice herself for someone she loves, her sister, and that True Love, between a man and a woman isn’t the only kind of powerful love.


Also the fact that Disney has chosen to tell this story this way, makes me as the mother of boys so happy. It shows my sons that they don’t have to be a knight in shining armor, they don’t have to save some damsel in distress.  For far too long, this has been my biggest gripe with Disney movies, why, because I never needed saving in my life, because much like Anna and Elsa, I did it and faced every heart stopping moment in my life head on. I want my sons to be with women (if that is what they choose) who are strong, oh God, I truly hope they don’t find women exactly like me, I would probably cry. Strong women are good, copies of your Mama are baaaaaad!

Maybe by the time they are ready to get married it will be the women proposing, giving them rings! Either way I might just die a little if they bring home some helpless waif, who giggles instead of laughing, who asks for permission to do anything and apologizes for everything. I would be upset! Oh man I’m shaking my head just thinking about it. But I digress.

So I have two other reasons why I Love this story, they are more so for me, than for the sake of my kids, but anyone who doesn’t watch movies with their kids, I mean, seriously why not? I hate adults who just can’t be kids with their kids for what the span of like 2 hours. Oh you are too good for Cartoons now that you are an adult, pfft, bitch please move on! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cartoons, I watched them with my family growing up and I watch them with my kids, I hope I will watch them with my grandchildren. Anyway, I particularly love cartoons that show some kind of power that a protagonist is born with or acquires. The reason why I love this, is the same reason why I love the Xmen, because it shows children that we are all special in our own way, even if we look different, or have some sort of anomaly that makes us stand out. I was born with webbed fingers, and so were so many people in my family, and I passed it on to my children.  Since the first time I read an Xmen Comic, I have always considered myself a mutant! I wear the term with pride, and I tell my boys too also!

I love Elsa because she is Mutant like to me, and she LOVES the Cold! Whaat!?!?  It is as if the Disney writers wrote this for me! Since I was a child, I was that one Canadian kid who could literally stay outside in shorts when it was below zero. I actually one of my friend’s older brother better me I couldn’t stand outside with my sweatpants and sleeves rolled up when it was zero degrees…umm now that I think about it he may have been trying to get rid of his little sister’s annoying friend, but meh, I remember standing outside and being proud to having adapted to the cold like no one else in my family could! Ha what a strange thing to be proud of! When she undoes her cloak, lets in flyaway in the wind and says; “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway”, I shit you not I almost jumped out of my seat. Even my husband looked and me and said; “Did they base Elsa on you? The white hair, the cold loving, even her dress is the snow version of your wedding dress” lol I couldn’t believe he made the connection…I guess he does pay attention!


I think those count as two reasons, but the bonus reason why I love this cute movie, is that damn snowman, Olaf! I couldn’t get enough of him! The faces that Olaf makes, I mean come on, how could you not love that little snowman!



Thank you for reading my blog, and to those loyal readers (wow I cannot believe I have loyal readers) you make my day checking everyday for a post, I apologize for taking so long, life has been hectic, and I would rather post quality as opposed to quantity! I see you Brazil! I thank you!