To be honest this is probably the biggest problem that I see today with not just children, adults alike. I’m no angel with regards to this subject either, let me just state that first and foremost. I was spoiled rotten as a child, the master manipulator of my household, the puppet master if you will of each of my parents, ever so slightly pulling strings here as there to get my way…while they were pretty much none the wiser! But alas it wasn’t meant to last….at a certain age, I’m pretty sure life just became more difficult, and there wasn’t anything to get really, an we were just lucky enough to get the bare minimum. I’m glad this happened, because it taught me to appreciate all that I have now. I know that being a housewife (not the bougie, real housewives of wherever type) is a luxury. I’m grateful. I’m grateful that my children wot have to eat boiled rice and ketchup for dinner like I did, even though I still crave it sometimes that is besides the point!

My problem lies in teaching my children and sometimes hubby to stop and take it all in before wanting the next best thing. How do I do this? Any suggestions? I see entitlement all the time with people in general. Hell the most scary case being that teenager that killed 4 people driving drunk and high or whatever but got off scott free due to the defence of “Afluenza”, seriously?!? That ish just makes me angry! My fear is that my kids will end up like that if I don’t somehow show them the struggles of others less fortunate than them.

Any suggestions ? Do you have the same fears for yourself or your kids?Do you think you are still in your entitlement stage?

I could easily tip over into a rant about how I feel my husband is entitled to everything just being done for him, as if he effing farts magical effing fairies out of his but to pick up everything thing behind him; the toothpaste cap, toothbrush, socks, underwear, and pjs.

Then follow the trail down to the kitchen, milk, bread, bananas, Vector. Then follow me to the dining table, chair, placemat, bowl, spoon, napkin, and milk glass.

Like, really?!? I know I’m short, but I ain’t no effing Tinkerbell!

Oops I did it again…I digress but seriously save me from jumping down this rabbit hole! How do I get them (children and hubby) to appreciate what they have and not just expect things to be handed to them?!? How do I get them to understand that they must struggle, persevere, climb that mountain before they can get the prize?!

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