Chicken risotto via Instant Pot!


I decided a while ago that I would try my best to cook from scratch. During most meals I will find a way to take a shortcut here or there. But recently I purchased a pressure cooker, the specific one is the Instant Pot. I recieved it today thanks to Prime shipping, and boy am I ever happy with my first dish!

I used what I had in my pantry and fridge, so it isn’t exactly risotto, but instead sushi rice, with chicken, wine, mushrooms, yellow zucchini, and lemon.

Here are the directions and please also remember it is a risotto style dish so it isn’t supposed to be pretty looking, because let’s face it risotto usually looked like pre-chewed food!


3 cups of sushi rice or risotto if you have it

1 cup of white wine

800 mls of stock I used vegetable stock

3 cubed chicken breast

1 package of sliced mushrooms 

2 yellow zucchini 

1 lemon


Here is the easy part, I promise, sauté the chicken with onions and garlic if you like, until almost cooked, then add mushrooms and zucchini and sauté for about 3 mins more. Oh in case I didn’t mention you can do this in the Instant Pot, by pressing the sauté button. Then turn it off and stir in the 3 cups of rice, the wine, and seasonsings. I always use simple seasonings like garlic salt and pepper and some fresh herbs. Then set to rice and you are done, in 10 mins! I squeezed some fresh lemon juice on it and black pepper, and if I had Parmesan cheese I totally would have done that too or nutritional yeast, which tastes almost the same!

The kids ate it up and I had to stop myself from over eating!

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